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Black, white and beige

Life is full of colour, but in interior design, you always want some neutral colours as well. Black, white and beige are great to combine with more outstanding colours, or they can be used on its own. You will find some tips and tricks here, to use these colours in your interior. And off course: some examples with our wallcoverings.


A black wall never fails to make a statement, it is bold and dramatic, but in the same time black is a classic and neutral tone that is very versatile. Used in a minimalist, sophisticated, or non-conventional setting, black just simply works. It is an unpretentious colour that goes with everything, adds chic and drama to any space and makes furniture and accents stand out. 

If you are going for a black interior, make sure that the majority of the room is black. This might sound obvious, but if you want to make that statement and create an aesthetic black interior, it will not work with only a black sofa and some black accents. Most of the key focal points should be black, like the walls, the big furniture pieces and the doors. If you want to add some colour, use white accents or light wood pieces that contrast nicely with the black. A green plant will establish the finishing touch. And for those who like to create a luxurious interior, the addition of details in gold or brass is highly recommended. Black can make a room look very small, so it is important to bring in a lot of natural light to balance this out.

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Pure white walls: it is a popular choice, but to be honest: we think that this is very boring…
If you prefer to keep your walls white, there are so many possibilities! You do not need to stick with a dull and plain painted white wall. Add some structure and personality with a textured white wallcovering. Thanks to clever use of different inks and printing methods, our white wallcoverings show character without showing off. A subtle effect, a hint of a design, a soft touch, you continue to discover with white walls like these…

And the most neutral shade that white is: it goes with every other colour! 

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While gray has been a popular trend colour in the past decade, beige is making a comeback. Beige signifies elements of earth, like sand, rocks and wood. Earthy and warm tones like cream, khaki, tan and sand create an organic feel: perfect for those who seek refuge from the overly digital, attention-grabbing world we live in.

It’s a perfect neutral to balance other colours in your interior. Combine with black and white to stay minimalistic, or go for a more boho desert space with colours like terracotta and mid-century blue. Beige works good with grey as well, as it is a perfect contrast of warm and cold shades. The colour pairs perfectly with natural materials such as stone, wood and fabric. 

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