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The rich history of the villa

The renovation of the villa Masureel is in full progress. With respect for history, the villa is restored to its original state, as much as possible, including the white plastered walls. Guy Verstraete is closely monitoring the project, together with architect Benoit Delaey and interior architect Stephanie Laporte.

The villa has a rich history, several generations of the Masureel family lived here. The house is built in 1865 by Rosalie Masureel, niece of Leo Masureel, who was Mayor of Hulste at that time. Later, Ferdinand Masureel, brother of Rosalie, lives here and he founded the flax factory next to the house. His son, Charles Masureel, who will as well be Mayor of Hulste, succeeds his father and lives in the villa with his wife Valerie Bossuyt (hence the letters M-B in the front door). The business passes to Jacques Verstraete, son of Aline Verstraete, sister of Charles. Today it is Guy Verstraete, cousin of Jacques and CEO of the company Masureel, who orders the complete renovation of the beautiful villa.

Before the renovation.

The walls restored to their former glory.

View from the garden.

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