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Environment & Ecology

Being committed to the environment is for Masureel more than just a statement. We strive for minimal impact in our production facilities as well as for the materials we produce.

While a fully degradable wallcovering is still behind the horizon, we are taking a step by step approach towards green innovation. Recent developments have proven the feasibility of using recycled materials for wallcovering and with the advent of bio-sourced chemicals, new opportunities are within reach.

Masureel is dedicated to maintain the recognised level of quality and inventiveness while taking up the challenge to provide alternatives for PVC wallcoverings.

No solvents are used, all printing pastes being water-based. Formaldehyde was banned completely. Waste water is treated in our installations and if possible, recycled. Drainage strictly complies with environmental standards. Both the FSC* (Forest Stewardship Council) and CE (European Conformity) eco-labels were obtained.

Anyone visiting the Masureel site will immediately experience our love of nature. In our garden we try to create a healthy biotope with a pond, several (fruit-)trees and plants and enough space and rest for our local fauna. At the moment we are also planting an orchard, which will considerably expand the biotope. Over the years, the number of areas of greenery on the Masureel site has increased, unlike many other companies. We therefore try to protect the environment around Masureel from new buildings to ensure a place for nature.

*Except for our digital panels printed on sisal, the paperweave items INT60x and INT20x, the Onyx INT30x and the Quarz INT50x.


Creation at Masureel can be summed up in three words: colour, texture and design. Find out how each Masureel product is created!


The Masureel family has been active in the flax industry since the 19th century. The West-Flemish roots even goes back to the 16th century. Find out how Masureel grew over the years to become today's leading company!

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