Home Visualizer

Use the Home Visualizer to admire your favourite wallcovering in an interior! Change the colour of the furniture and frames to find a perfect match with the wallpaper. This way you can imagine how the wallcovering would look like in your home.

Click on the "eye" symbol next to a design to view it in the Home Visualiser.

How does the Home Visualizer work?

Click on the ‘Select your preferences’ button to choose a different interior, mood or collection. Use the ‘Slideshow’ icons to generate random combinations or interiors. If you are happy with your choice of wallcovering, you can save this photo, add it to your favourites or add it to a Pinterest board. You can also view all the information about the chosen wallcovering on the Masureel site. You can always open the help pop-up again using the ? symbol. Close the app by clicking the little cross at the top right.

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