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Registration, Evaluation And Authorisation of Chemicals. Masureel fulfills the legal obligations of REACH, as downstream user and as producer.


Certified products meet EU consumer safety, health and environmental requirements. This means that all Masureel products adhere to the standards regarding the legal permitted quantity of formaldehyde and other dangerous substances, heavy metals and vinyl chloride monomer.

French VOC A+ & Formaldehyde-safe Volatile Organic Compounds

VOC´s are products that can easily vaporize and thus can be released from the products containing them. In very high concentrations they can be harmful for the environment and the human health. Therefore limits are imposed on the use of these substances. Our products achieve the French VOC A+ label having the most stringent limits.

FSC - Forest Stewardship Council

All our non-woven wallcoverings are FSC®-certified (license code: FSC-C105599), the label for responsible forest management.*

Environmental Statement

Masureel makes every effort to keep current with all environmental regulations and initiatives affecting the wallcovering and textile industry. We are committed to minimize the environmental impact of our business activities. For example: all used printing pastes are water-based meaning no solvents are used which could harm the environment or health. The waste water used within the manufacturing process is purified and partly recycled for our production process. The waste water is drained away according to environmental standards.


The products of the brands Zoom and Khrôma** correspond to the Euroclass B-s1, d0 which is the best result for non-woven wallcoverings on fire resistance.

*Except for our digital panels printed on sisal, the paperweave items INT60x and INT20x, the Onyx INT30x and the Quartz INT50x.
**Except certain designs, which correspond to the Euroclass C-s1,d0. Please contact your supplier for more information.


Read more about our commitment to nature and our planet: discover how Masureel tries to make its products "greener" every day!

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