Masureel is a 100% Belgian company that manufactures high-quality wallcoverings.

A look behind the scenes... discover the Masureel philosophy!


Latin for earth or ground

The word, loaded with powerful symbolism, evokes a sense of connection with nature. The relation is literally tangible when raw clay is transformed to create a masterpiece. The result of this artisanal process reflects the untamed essence of our earth and forms the basis for the designs in this collection. The sculpted and moulded forms seem to have been born from the earth, authentic, unrefined and without formal perfection. Terra... A tribute to our earth.


Exclusieve panoramics

An eye-catching, floor-to-ceiling artwork in your interior – it’s almost like the artist used your wall as their own canvas. The handmade element is what makes each panoramic wallpaper design in this collection unique. You can feel the creator’s vision and dynamic in every brushstroke, see where the colours converge, appreciate the artist’s hand. It gives the design a life of its own, a soul. Each of these murals is printed on environmentally friendly, high-quality wallpaper with a linen pattern in relief. That structure gives the wallpaper even more of the dimensionality you’d find in on a painted canvas. Wall Designs IV offers a multifaceted collection of beautiful
artwork to suit a wide range of tastes and styles: abstract or realist, colourful or tone-on-tone, fun or basic, the list goes on. So come take a stroll through our gallery.

Art, Roots & Nature

The Masureel Philosophy

Rooted in the heart of Flanders fields, the history of the family Masureel dates back to the 16th century. We carry a large cultural heritage with us and take it as a reference for our company mission. Art, craftsmanship and respect for nature characterizes our creations. Our collections take inspiration from a rich archive of historical wallpapers and fabrics and a collection of modern & contemporary art.


Discover the first collection of our new brand Greenwall: ecological, scrubbable wallcovering!


New: Ecological scrub-resistant wallcovering!

We are well aware that there is no Planet B and are determined to continue being part of the active change for a better future. Masureel is among the first wallcovering brands that create PVC-free, water-based wallcoverings that are scrubbable and very easy to clean.

The perfect green solution for your walls!

Our brands


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