Masureel is a 100% Belgian company that manufactures high-quality wallcoverings.


Lotus is a collection for nature lovers, for spiritual minds in search of zen, for adventurers, for those who enjoy some quiet downtime and for anyone seeking a return to the earthly, to the essence. The lotus flower is a symbol of purity and clarity, and that is exactly what this collection is all about. Natural elements reduced to their purest form, in natural colours such as ocean blue, olive green, walnut brown, sandy beige, cashmere blue and terracotta red, bring a sense of tranquillity to your interior. Lose yourself among the palm leaves, admire the simplicity of the textures and discover the mysteries of nature...


Immerse yourself in the Japanese atmosphere

Japanese culture is bursting with colour and life, a fact that’s reflected in the country’s vibrant landscape and striking architecture. For centuries, nature has been the cornerstone of Japanese heritage. Cherry blossom season is a time of joy and celebration: the rebirth of Mother Nature. It’s a beautiful, yet transient phenomenon. The utter unpredictability of the moment is what makes it so enchanting ... These natural elements are closely intertwined with Japanese culture and both served as a source of inspiration for our Kimono collection.

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Art, Roots & Nature

The Masureel Philosophy

Rooted in the heart of Flanders fields, the history of the family Masureel dates back to the 16th century. We carry a large cultural heritage with us and take it as a reference for our company mission. Art, craftsmanship and respect for nature characterizes our creations. Our collections take inspiration from a rich archive of historical wallpapers and fabrics and a collection of modern & contemporary art.


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