Masureel is a 100% Belgian company that manufactures high-quality wallcoverings.

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In the heart of the opulent city of Marrakech there is a beautiful palace called Bahia, where you can lose yourself in the countless fairy-tale gardens and flower-filled courtyards. It’s precisely those lush gardens that inspired us to create this Bahia collection. Bahia takes you to a garden full of fragrant herbs and succulent fruits, invites you to taste exotic atmospheres and immerses you in the colourful world of Morocco.

Those who stroll through the bustling yet picturesque city centre are surrounded by a sea of colour: bright fabrics and carpets, metre-long tables loaded with spices and dazzling facades that appeal to the imagination. The Bahia collection combines this colour palette of the medina with the verdant gardens and charming peculiarities of distant regions.

Art, Roots & Nature

The Masureel Philosophy

Rooted in the heart of Flanders fields, the history of the family Masureel dates back to the 16th century. We carry a large cultural heritage with us and take it as a reference for our company mission. Art, craftsmanship and respect for nature characterizes our creations. Our collections take inspiration from a rich archive of historical wallpapers and fabrics and a collection of modern & contemporary art.

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