Only passion can help to go higher.

Guy Verstraete - CEO Masureel

From concept to creation

Every collection is completely made in-house, from design to production. Creation at Masureel can be explained in three words:

Colour – coming from the soul, there is an unconscious tendency to always search for balance between the three primary colours: red, blue and yellow.

Texture – a fusion, created by technology, of manufacturing techniques with silkscreen printing and weaving.

Design – a handmade creation of what our soul wants to express. 

Our design team is a mix of experience and drive, engineering and art. This young, talented team rejuvenates our product every year. They never settle for anything less than unique collections of the highest quality.

In our in-house laboratory, the digital image that comes to life during the creation process is transferred to a commercialized industrial image. The colours needed for every design are created in-house by our colourist. These colours are tested on frames with the right designs and an array is printed on wallpaper for the creators to choose from.

Masureel Art Collection

The Masureel art collection comprises works from the beginning of the twentieth century, lyrical abstraction, minimalism and conceptual art, up until the most recent practices of contemporary artists. Its nucleus is formed by the 1920s Belgian constructivists (i.a. Jozef Peeters, Marthe Donas, Prosper De Troyer, Victor Servranckx), who break with earlier conventions and develop a new visual language that's firmly based on line, form and colour. This artistic movement runs parallel with the rise of modern industry and its urge to innovate. In this era, many artist indulged with industrial processes, in order to literally give shape to a new society.

Berthe Dubail, Untitled, 1962

Jozef Peeters, Ballerina, 1920

Louise Bourgeois, The Feeding, 2007


The Masureel family has been active in the flax industry since the 19th century. The West-Flemish roots even goes back to the 16th century. Find out how Masureel grew over the years to become today's leading company!


Read more about our commitment to nature and our planet: discover how Masureel tries to make its products "greener" every day!

Masureel Art Factory

Under the name MAF, Masureel collaborates with artists and museums to produce unique wallcovering editions.We strongly believe that artistic research can challenge and enrich our concept of wallcovering. Our in-house technology and expertise in printing (traditional and digital) helps us to convert the artist's vision into reality.

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