The story of Masureel

Since the 16th century the Masureel family has been a part of the beautiful West Flemish village of Hulste. It wasn’t until the 19th century though that the family operated in the industry of retting flax to produce linen. At the start of the 20th century, the textile weaving mill was founded, which propelled Masureel to become active in textile finishing, dyeing carpets and interior fabrics from 1937 onwards.

Fifty years later, in the eighties, Masureel International was founded by Guy Verstraete. The company turned its attention to the printing of fabrics and high-quality wallcoverings, focusing on wholesale. Quickly, the company felt that this could not be the only outlet for its creativity. This is why the decision was made in 2004 to found a creative department, with our own wallcovering brand Khrôma. In 2009 the brand Guy Masureel was created, followed by the brand Zoom in 2015.

Rooted in the heart of Flanders Fields

The old farmhouse and the mill, the villa we are renovating, the gardens… they reflect our main aspirations: to blend with history and respect the characteristic landscape of Hulste.

Renovation of the old factory – a space for art

The old farm house “Goed te Vrijleghem”


The flax ready to slip into the water.

Due to a clear vision and philosophy, Masureel developed an image and evolved into the leading, inspiring company it is today. With great pride, Masureel carries the name of a 100% Belgian company, where innovation, quality and creativity are the key pillars.


Family tree of the Masureel family


Creation at Masureel can be summed up in three words: colour, texture and design. Find out how each Masureel product is created!


Read more about our commitment to nature and our planet: discover how Masureel tries to make its products "greener" every day!

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