We are well aware that there is no Planet B and are determined to continue being part of the active change for a better future. Masureel is among the first wallcovering brands that create PVC-free, water-based wallcoverings that are scrubbable and very easy to clean. The perfect green solution for your walls!

Masureel Projects

For the project market, Masureel has developed several binders with handy cards to take with you to clients or projects. The items in these binders are selected for their design, look, touch, colour and performance. The products meet the requirements for the project market, such as fire resistance, rub fastness and washability.


Om een totaalconcept te kunnen bieden voor het interieur, biedt Masureel twee basisproducten om mee te behangen – een hoogkwalitatieve wandbekledingslijm en vliesbehang om te overschilderen of behangen.


Under Professionals you will find all the technical specifications and instructions as well as the symbol guide. There you will also find the link to our Marketing Portal and the online stock check.

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