Guy Masureel

Guy Masureel takes a step further from the main wallcovering and fabric ranges, and creates an encounter between art and the senses, carefully crafted in the Masureel laboratory and on the weaving loom. The exclusive Guy Masureel interior is the result of lengths of artistic research and the creative application of ancient techniques, to create its timeless and discrete luxury, its refined presence a gift from the heart.

Masureel Art Factory

Masureel Art Factory is a platform for artistic research and production, hosted by Masureel. MAF activates the connection between Masureel’s industrial activity and the passion for art. It is a first step to examine the works of the Masureel Collection, gradually opening them up to the public. At the same time, we seek to collaborate with artists and institutions. Through these projects, we want to push wallcovering design to become an integral part of art and architecture.


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