Khrôma is a library of ‘Stories to live in’. Every Khrôma collection holds a unique and original story, connecting us with the rich heritage of the many cultures on our globe. Elaborate color combinations, innovative structures and ever new designs have established Khrôma as a leading brand in its field. It offers the private and professional interior designer with ample variety, tailoring inspiration for any demanding project. A companion in the search for originality and individuality.


The Zoom collections combine superior quality with budget. Interpreting classic design with contemporary interior trends, they offer a wide range of solutions for any wall in need of a fresh and outspoken touch of elegance. Distilled from Masureel’s rich creation pool, Zoom guarantees a perfect equilibrium between material and style, and weighs every aspect on the scale of aesthetic expression.

Guy Masureel

Guy Masureel takes a step further from the main wallcovering and fabric ranges, and creates an encounter between art and the senses, carefully crafted in the Masureel laboratory and on the weaving loom. The exclusive Guy Masureel interior is the result of lengths of artistic research and the creative application of ancient techniques, to create its timeless and discrete luxury, its refined presence a gift from the heart.


We are well aware that there is no Planet B and are determined to continue being part of the active change for a better future. Masureel is among the first wallcovering brands that create PVC-free, water-based wallcoverings that are scrub-resistant and very easy to clean. The perfect green solution for your walls!

Masureel Art Factory

Masureel Art Factory is a platform for artistic research and production, hosted by Masureel. MAF activates the connection between Masureel’s industrial activity and the passion for art. It is a first step to examine the works of the Masureel Collection, gradually opening them up to the public. At the same time, we seek to collaborate with artists and institutions. Through these projects, we want to push wallcovering design to become an integral part of art and architecture.

Masureel Projects

For the project market, Masureel has developed several binders with handy cards to take with you to clients or projects. The items in these binders are selected for their design, look, touch, colour and performance. The products meet the requirements for the project market, such as fire resistance, rub fastness and washability. On the back of each card the technical specifications and physical properties are clearly mentioned. Here, you will find an overview of the items in each binder. For more detailed specifics or further information, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you further!
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