Masureel is a 100% Belgian company that manufactures high-quality wallcoverings.

Discover the philosophy behind Masureel!


Joie de vivre!

Imagine a radiant afternoon. An enchanting garden party is unfolding amid colourful flowers and dreamy plants. Among the jubilant guests, absorbed in a passionate discussion, we recognise Mahieddine Baya and Henri Matisse. We admire these ‘painters of joy’ for their ability to magically transform the ordinary into a sensational tapestry of exhilaration. The colourful decoupage art of Matisse and the bold, weird creations of Baya: their joyous spirits are infectious, and we are drawn into their playful interaction. We have immersed ourselves in their worlds and dare you to be equally adventurous and inquisitive. We hope these wallcoverings bring you not only inspiration, but also the same sense of joy and optimism we felt while creating them. 


Rocks and stones ... are nothing less than uncut jewels hidden deep within the ground

Minerals crystallise as a result of heat and pressure, bonding in a process of cooling and solidification over the millennia. This gives rise to striking patterns, colours and textures which are infinitely varied and unique. Each and every one is a natural work of art, born out of immeasurable patience. The results of this awe-inspiring, centuries-long process are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. We harness our graphic vision to transform them into contemporary, architectural designs. The collection Rock boasts a warm, retro vibe and showcases timeless colours such as jasper, jade, aventurine, slate, quartz ...


Latin for earth or ground

The word, loaded with powerful symbolism, evokes a sense of connection with nature. The relation is literally tangible when raw clay is transformed to create a masterpiece. The result of this artisanal process reflects the untamed essence of our earth and forms the basis for the designs in this collection. The sculpted and moulded forms seem to have been born from the earth, authentic, unrefined and without formal perfection. Terra... A tribute to our earth.


Discover the first collection of our new brand Greenwall: ecological, scrubbable wallcovering!

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